Tipping Wedding Vendors-North Carolina Wedding Venue

With the excitement of your wedding, we are here to help relieve some of the things that may get over looked.

Last minute decisions are never good.  So here is a helpful guide to tipping vendors at your wedding.

While tipping is not mandatory it is the norm in the service industry.  You will also want to take a few minutes to check your contracts.  Some vendors include it already. Standards can slightly very by local area. Just remember, in North Carolina,  it is not mandatory.  If it gets to be too much for your budget, try to at least tip the catering staff.  No need to tip owners. 

These are some commonly suggested tip percentages.

Transportation - 15%

Wedding Planner - 10% 

Catering - 20%

Photographer/ videographer - Usually tipping $50 to $100 to each person especially if they do not own the business

Venue staff - $20 each

Officiant - $100 donation to their church

Hair makeup - 15%

Band or DJ - 10% - 15%

Florist - 10% - 15%

Delivery drivers - $10

Seamstress - A pic of you in your gown

A good rule of thumb for the service industry is $10 to 15% but not over $500.00

If you do not have extra cash, a handwritten note thanking them for going above and beyond is a great way to show your gratitude.  They can use these for booking future clients.   You can also drop hints to loved ones that their gift to you  could be tipping staff. (Never hurts to try, right?)

It is always a good idea to put tips in the budget so you are not over whelmed.  Cash is also preferred. Who doesn't like cash?!

To take some of the burden off of you it is a good idea to have a trusted friend in charge of tipping. You can place a thank you note and or money in envelopes with the vendors names/duties written on them so that a trusted individual can hand them out through the day before the vendor leaves. 

Tipping is always up to you. You know who deserves more or less.  If they made you smile or took some stress off of you, went above and beyond their duties, a hug can be included!

If you can not tip, a good review is one of the best ways to show a vendor some love!

Congratulations on your big day!