Bridal Show Bonanza

After the elation of a dreamy engagement starts to fade, the frenzy of thoughts on how to plan start rushing around in your mind. Fear not! We are here to help make this an exciting, fun part of the whole wedding experience. Wedding shows are a team sport, so gather your most enthusiastic friends and family and make a game plan. If you have not had trusted recommendations for individual vendors, you can meet many when they are all in one place at a wedding expo. Serious vendors attend bridal shows, because of cost. Don't shy away from smaller venue type wedding shows. They can be very intimate and informative.
Use some of your down time to peruse wedding ideas. Jot down or screen shot things you really like. Most women know what they want their wedding to look like but get lost in the details. Start narrowing down the endless options early, so you know what vendors to look for.

A cute idea, if budget allows, is to get yourself and your wedding show helpers matching tote bags, or backpacks, or carry-ons with wheels.  You can find bridal organizers in all shapes and sizes.  If you are a DIY'er, then grab a note pad and stapler and paper clips. Make sure you have a check list of services and vendors you need.  You also need questions written down. There will be a lot going on and you don't want to forget an important thought.

Pre-registration at events helps tremendously at the door.
A necessity you will need is a portable phone charger or at least a cord.  Don't forget you can add contacts to your phone and make notes there too. Definitely bring pre-printed address labels with your contact information, wedding date/venue on them. This saves a ton of time and writers cramp when filling out all the information cards/giveaway entry forms at booths.

If you already know your colors bring swatches.  Don't forget to eat light before you get there.  There will be tons of tasty treatsbut you want to try them with a level head not a hungry stomach.

So here you are at the expo, sounds, smells and excitement abound. Keep your companions close and don't forget to breath. Make sure you aren't just talking to a booth helper. Try to find the person you will be working with. Look for a vendor that seems genuinely interested and can focus on you and ask you questions. Sometimes people want to be pressured into taking advantage of show discounts when they like someone. This is fine but don't end up with buyers' remorse the next day and feel you are now stuck with a vendor. Most vendors who are offering a discount will honor it for a few days. If they discount is too great, be wary. You get what you pay for so in a service industry, steep discounts are often a red flag.

Don't feel you are obligated to to give all your information to everyone. If you have a hard time saying no, make sure you take a friend that doesn't.
After you have a bulging bag of magazines, brochures and a collection of business cards that would rival any baseball card collection, you may want to start heading for an exit.

If you can't force another cheese and cracker or sweet cake down the hatch, you are done.
Make sure you have time to unwind. Don't try to go through anything for a couple days. Take that night to grab a glass of wine and relax in a hot bubble bath and reminisce about your partner and your engagement. This is a wonderful time in your life, savor every moment.