St. Patrick's Day Inspiration for Green Wedding Themes

With St. Patrick's Day here, you may ponder on a lucky wedding.  If March is your magic month, then green is probably on your mind.  Green can be soft, rich, deep, strong, uplifting and even outrageous.  It doesn't matter what your personality, there's a green for you! 

From start to finish you can find gorgeous green accessories. St. Patty weddings can be rustic with horseshoes and burlap or elegant with green Amaryllis and emerald shamrocks.  A wedding dress with a green satin wrap along side a groom with a green vest and plaid tie is undeniably lucky in love. Invitations in all shades of green, and even St. Patty theme, are abundant.

Most any vendor can accommodate a St. Patty theme. The level of saturation of the theme is up to you. If you're crazy about St. Patty, you can incorporate it into every aspect of your wedding. It can be done withoutdrowning in shamrocks.

Cakes can be bold with dark green stripes or elegant with sage accents.  If St. Patty's day isn't the main theme but green is, then you're in luck.   Having different shades of green on different styles of dresses for your bridesmaids makes for a dazzling display.

Green is more versatile than you think. It will pair with many colors.  White and pink are favorites but don't be afraid to experiment.
When thinking food, don't shy away from green or Irish foods.  Almost any food can be turned green, or you can go with actual Irish appetizers. Whatever you choose, it's probably a good idea to go mini, so your guests can sample many items.
When thinking flowers, there are ways to have green bouquets that work. Your dress will more than likely be white. If it has green accents pick that color up with the bouquet. White roses can be tinted ever so softly and green hydrangeas make a heavenly handful.

No matter the theme of your wedding, green of any shade is always a good choice. It isn't just a March color but can be any month.
Green is the most common color in the world.  It is the easiest color on the eyes as we can usually discern all shades. It represents the Irish patron Saint Patrick. Green is a color represented in almost every culture in the world as positive. No matter what theme your wedding, green is good to go.