To DIY or Not to DIY-Wedding Tips for the Do It Yourself-er

There is no mistake, we all have talents and gifts. No matter how good you are at any of the following, these are bride-tested things not to DIY.

First on the list are flowers. Blooms are perishable and need a timed delivery. If your wedding is laid-back, you can opt for silk and do them really early so you can decide if it's really something you can handle.  Two things that absolutely need to be fresh are bouquets and boutonnieres.

Second is your hair. This will be the most photographed day of your life. So a picture perfect up-do may be on your list. If a red carpet look that makes your other half breathless is a must-have, thenthis is definitely not a DIY option.   Two things needed to accomplish that are patience and practice but you will be short on patience on your big day.  So let the hot iron wielding hair experts have at it. 

Third on the no DIY list is photography. How many friends do you know with an expensive digital camera? Before you let your cousin's son's friend photograph the most important day of your life, look at their work.  If they have never shot a wedding, that is a definite "no thanks".  There is a flow to a wedding and your photographer will need to know where to be to get the best shots.  A professional will also have more than one person working a wedding to assure the best angles possible. These photos will be the only thing you have to reminisce with years from now. Don't kick yourself later, this is one that is best left to the professionals.

Fourth is planning and coordinating your big day. You might be the most organized person you know, but trying to run your day of proceedings, is a disaster waiting to happen. Take it from experience, you don't need that stress. It doesn't have to be an expensive professional. If you know someone that is a natural leader and is willing to take on this task, you have a winner but do not overlook the advantages of having someone experienced. A professional is worth their weight in gold when unexpected disaster comes into play.

Fifth is food on the no DIY list. While you or your mother may be gourmet chefs, your wedding will require your full attention.  Food is not what you need to be stressing over. A professional caterer will know how to combine your and your other half's tastes. They will also know what foods need to be served when. Just food for thought.

Next on the list is your wedding cake.  You may be fabulous with fondant and flamboyant with fruit, but this is definitely not a DIY. Anyone that has attempted one of these elaborate masterpieces knows it takes days. One wrong move means starting over. You don't want to be worrying with this days before the wedding and definitely not trying to set it up on the big day.

On another note, a popular trend is making a play list on an iPod to save money.  But consider this, can an iPod make announcements, keep the mood up, play only the hottest parts of songs or play last minute requests? DJ's do so much more than just press play. It is a key element of your big day.  If something happens to your iPod, there's no music and you'll be humming a different tune.

Last but not least is transportation. You may not dream of a horse drawn carriage or even a limo and that's ok!  Just don't forget it's the most photographed day of your life.  So a flashy caddy or hot rod verses a family car is a discussion that needs to be had. How you exit from the extravaganza is up to you.

Everyone has talents but stress is not one of them. Let's keep stress at bay and let the experts do what they are good at, so you can dance through your dreamy big day.